About this project

Netwulf is an interactive visualization tool for networkx Graph-objects, that allows you to produce beautifully looking network visualizations. Simply input a networkx.Graph object, style the network in the interactive console and either download the result as a PNG or pipe the layout back to Python for further processing. Netwulf is fast and relies on no crude dependencies. It is build around the philosophy that network manipulation and preprocessing should be done programmatically, but that the efficient generation of a visually appealing network is best done interactively, without code.

Quick example

import networkx as nx
from netwulf import visualize

G = nx.barabasi_albert_graph(100,2)


started visualization

Why should I use netwulf


  • Interactive styling of network visualizations in the browser, started from Python
  • No compiling needed
  • No external program needed
  • Cross-platform
  • Seamlessly use the inferred style back in Python
  • Redraw the visualization in Python using matplotlib


  • No multiedges yet
  • No rendering of directed edges


pip install netwulf

Make sure to read the README.md in the public repository for notes on dependencies and installation.

netwulf directly depends on the following packages which will be installed by pip during the installation process

  • networkx>=2.0
  • numpy>=0.14
  • matplotlib>=3.0
  • simplejson>=3.0

Bug reports & contributing

You can contribute to the public repository and raise issues there. Please also make sure to follow the code of conduct and to read the contributing notes.